Finding the right balance between training and life fuel

As a long-distance competitor in both trail running and ski mountaineering, my beliefs and processes around training have evolved tremendously over the last 5 years. I used to think about exercise in a compartmentalized way, meaning that times of hard exercise required a different method of fueling, different sleep habits, and different recovery plans. As my fitness and life advanced, so too did my routine. No longer could I "compartmentalize" training blocks and live differently otherwise. My fitness, my health, and my lifestyle truly became one and the same, and I realized my everyday nutrition was equally as important as my training nutrition. I became a believer in giving my body the fuel that it needs on a daily basis, not just before hard exercise.  

I generally maintain a standard approach to diet that includes well balanced meals rich in fresh vegetables and healthy fats, while training without excess calorie supplementation. As a result, I believe I have encouraged my body's fitness engine to become "fat adapted." This philosophy of training "lean" led to an ability to rely heavily on my own nutritional stores throughout a workout and propelled my endurance far beyond anything I had previously seen. Nutritional and fuel supplements were no longer necessary for standard training days, only for actual race efforts. However, for longer training efforts and adventures, I found that a little fat goes a long way.  

FBOMB has been an invaluable addition to my routine, supplementing my healthy fat calorie intake and fueling my longer adventures. I believe that the end result on my health has been in line with the ketogenic and paleo diet philosophies. My personal dietary philosophy truly centers on limiting unhealthy processed foods and oils, while boosting healthy fats and fresh produce. As a result, my energy level through the day and sustained power through a workout feel stable, smooth, and readily accessible with no spikes or bonks. FBOMB is truly the ultimate healthy fat supplement in an easy-to-use packet that I can quickly access on the trail, while traveling, or in between meals!  Fat really is smart fuel!  

About the author:

Kristi Knecht is a mountain athlete from Flagstaff, AZ, who currently runs for the La Sportiva mountain running team. In 2017, Kristi represented the USA on both the ski mountaineering and long-distance mountain running teams at their respective world championships in Italy (Team USA took home the Silver, by the way!). Her passions are running in the Grand Canyon, skiing and running on the local San Francisco Peaks, and her family! Kristi says, "I love where we live and spend as much time as I can with my husband and two children and our friends in the wilderness around Flagstaff. Sports at an extraordinary effort — whether running, mountain biking, or ski mountaineering — is my way of creating a beautiful thumbprint on the natural world around me." 

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