40 Delicious Keto Breakfast Ideas  

Are you in a breakfast rut from having to cook all three meals at home nowadays? If you’re eating low-carb or keto, you might be getting sick of bacon and eggs right about now. 

This article is here to take your preconceived bacon-and-egg ideas and blow them out of the water, low-carb style.

A diverse range of breakfast options is important for staying on track. Having more options means your meals will be more enjoyable, which helps you avoid food fatigue. Yes, that’s a real thing. 

Plus, a ketogenic diet looks different for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re paleo, vegan, or a meat lover. Or if you’re committed to having pancakes and waffles daily. There are plenty of keto breakfasts to suit every taste, diet, and occasion. Here are 40 recipes to prove it.

The Need-to-Know for Keto Breakfasts

Before you start salivating over these delicious keto breakfast recipes, let’s first go over some basic keto tips and guidelines.

Breakfast is all about starting your day right. In the context of keto, this means being sensible with your carbs.

You’re probably already aware that being in ketosis requires consuming only 20-50 grams of carbs per day. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to blow your entire allowance with your first meal of the day.

That might mean being conservative with some of the following keto foods that are higher on the carb scale:

  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Coconut
  • Heavy cream
  • Onions

You don’t have to avoid these foods. Just don’t go overboard so you don’t exceed the carb limit before you even get to lunch. That is, unless you want to stick to ultra low-carb foods for the rest of the day.

Here are a few more things to consider:

Protein and fat will fill you up. Not experiencing the magical “I’m never hungry!” effect that other people following a ketogenic diet rave about? Make sure to center your meals around fat and protein to stay satiated [*].

Breakfast doesn’t have to look like breakfast. Unless you’re a breakfast chef, breakfast can consist of any combination of food. Anything you ate for dinner last night is most likely a perfectly acceptable breakfast dish, too.

There’s a keto version of everything. If impromptu pancake binges are kicking you out of ketosis, don’t try to willpower your way through the cravings (and continue to fail). Make keto pancakes. Enjoy the keto pancakes. Congratulate yourself on avoiding high-carb pancakes. You can find plenty of keto-fied breakfast recipes below.

40 Keto Breakfast Recipes

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to break out your bacon and egg rut (or an actual recipe to create keto pancakes that don’t turn into almond flour scramble in the pan). Here are 40 recipes to make your mornings awesome.


Fancy some fluffy waffles topped with mountains of whipped cream for breakfast? You got it! Keto-friendly sweeteners, nut flours, and low-sugar fruits like berries mean you don’t have to quit the indulgent sweet breakfasts with the carbs. 


The best part about savory keto breakfasts is they’re a lot harder to overeat than something like cereal. Ask yourself: how many times have you actually stuck to a single serving of sugary cereal?


Despite their versatility, eggs aren’t for everyone. No worries. There are plenty of savory options that don’t involve a single egg.


Following a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean giving up smoothies, but it does require a few alterations. Namely, ditching the plethora of high-sugar fruit for some low-sugar alternatives and adding healthy fats. Here are some delicious smoothie recipes that won’t come with a sugar crash.

No Cooking

Not everyone is blessed in the culinary department. Here are some keto recipes that only require some careful assembling. 

Think about it this way: you might not be able to build a bookshelf, but you can probably follow the instructions to assemble one from IKEA.


Need something convenient that doesn’t require plates and utensils? These options can be eaten with one hand while you’re logging into your first Zoom meeting of the day. 

Make Ahead

Chances are you’re shorter on time in the morning than you are at night, so why not prepare breakfast ahead of time and free up those mornings?

You might even have time to squeeze in a quick morning run or meditation session before you begin your day. Or just hit snooze a few more times. We won’t judge. 

Vegetarian and Vegan

The ketogenic diet has a reputation for being big on dairy and meat, but you can still eat plant-based and be in ketosis. 

Seeds, nuts, and tofu provide plenty of low-carb protein for a vegan or vegetarian ketogenic diet. And you might be surprised at how many vegetables you can fit into your daily carb limit. 

Who needs grains and bananas when you’ve got hemp seeds and blueberries?

The Easiest Keto Breakfast of All Time

There’s one breakfast option that’s gaining popularity not just with those on the ketogenic diet, but among health-conscious dieters all across the world. It doesn’t require any cooking, preparation, or even grocery shopping.

The secret ingredient? It’s… nothing. Literally. 

In case you’ve never heard of intermittent fasting, it involves having set windows of eating (or feasting) and fasting. For example, you might fast for 16 hours, then eat all your meals within an eight-hour window. This is the most popular method, commonly called the 16:8 method. 

You can stretch your fasting window anywhere from 12 to 23 hours, which might mean you skip breakfast and wait until lunch or even dinner to eat. This is called “breaking the fast.”

Why practice intermittent fasting? The benefits of intermittent fasting may include effective short-term weight loss [*], lowered blood pressure [*], and even reduced inflammatory markers [*]. 

But intermittent fasting doesn’t mean missing out on breakfast foods. You can still eat pancakes for lunch, or delay that omelet until the afternoon.

You don’t have to incorporate intermittent fasting just because you’re keto. It’s completely optional. But if you’d rather spend your mornings dreaming and your Sunday nights marathoning Netflix, it might be the best option you can find.

So Many Options

Whether you start your day with nothing or the biggest meal of your day, it’s safe to say you have plenty of keto-friendly breakfast options at your disposal.


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