One-Ingredient Keto Snack

Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” 

We couldn’t agree more, but sometimes the most straightforward solution takes a little extra work. 

Here are some common keto problems you might have run into: 

Problem: You can eat all the guac and queso that you want… except you have nothing to dip into your favorite dips. 

Problem: You just want to veg out with a bag of chips… but you’re on keto. 

Problem: You love cheese, and love how much you can eat on keto... But you’re a little worried about what eating so much cheese is doing to your hormones, since dairy often has added hormones of its own.

We thought about these problems, and it turns out there is a simple, delicious solution. Ever heard of frico? They’re cheese crackers that originated in the Italian Alps - and they’re delightful. 

Super crispy, light and airy, and naturally low in carbs - what could be better? 

The Italians are always ahead of the game when it comes to food. 

And you can get in on their genius by making your own homemade fricos.

But the secret is in the cheese: ideally premium, top-notch, locally-farmed cheese, complete in its high-fat, low-carb goodness, and ideal for your keto diet.

cheese crisps

Make Your Own

All you need is premium, locally-sourced shredded cheddar cheese, ideally from a farm from around the corner. You have that, right? 

Arrange it in heaps on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees F for about 7 minutes. 

Voila! You’ll have crispy cheddar crackers of your own.

Warning: these are prone to burn, and you might not want to wait for them to bake when you’re starving. 

The Perfect, Simple Crisp 

If you want to take the guesswork out of trying to master your own perfect crisp, you can trust us for something a little more consistent. We came up with a simple solution: the most premium cheese, oven-baked to perfection in super-convenient, grab-and-go bags.  

Most cheese crisps on the market are keto-friendly, but not all of them have the small-batch, locally-sourced quality that you can trust with FBOMB. Here’s how our Cheddar Keto Krunch crisps compare to the competition. 

keto krunch

How Keto Krunch Cheddar Crisps Compare 

We source our cheddar cheese from a family farm in Ohio, where we know the cows are treated ethically and grass-fed as much as possible. And we can assure you - there are no added growth hormones or sugar in the milk used to make these snack-ready crisps that are perfect for when you need to scratch your chip itch. 

There are other cheese crisps out there. But ours are premium - and we keep things simple by sourcing from a family-owned farm that has been in business for over 80 years. The cows are ethically-treated, so our sourcing is good for you and the environment. 

With no added sugars or growth hormones, you can really trust that every bite of Keto Krunch is premium fuel for your diet.

Cheddar Keto Krunch crisps are the only cheese crisp option with the absolute minimal amount of ingredients. As you can see above, the only ingredients we use are the ones we NEED in order to make cheese.  

We also ensure that Keto Krunch is vegetarian by using microbial coagulant instead of animal rennet. Not all competitors are transparent about this, so it’s best to double-check if you want to make sure your cheese crisps are vegetarian. 

In other words, Keto Krunch is just cheese with none of the added junk. 

We keep our process and ingredients as simple as possible so you can trust what you are eating in every bite. 

keto krunch

Keto Krunch™ is Different 

✔️NO rBGH or rBST 

✔️NO flour or added sugars

✔️LESS THAN 1g net carb per serving 

✔️NO added coloring 

✔️Cheese from ONE local, American farm 

✔️Premium sourcing 


✔️KETO and GLUTEN-free

✔️Trusted by TIM TEBOW for his keto diet 

A Flavor For Everyone

The other flavors rely on simple seasonings to spin cheddar into something different, so you never get bored. Grab a variety pack to try them all.

keto krunch


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