8+ Best Paleo & Keto Travel Snacks for Easy On-The-Go Eating

The foods most of us recognize as snacks—bars, crackers, etc.—don’t really fly on the keto or paleo diet. And if you’re looking for on-the-go-snacks for travel that fit into your diet, this can make it difficult to stick to your guns.  Airports aren’t exactly known for high-quality food options. Good...

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9 Proven Benefits of Avocado Oil (Backed by Research)

Keto, paleo, IIFYM, Whole30…  More real-food diets are emerging that emphasize high-fat, low-carb, whole-food nutrition full of nutrient-dense foods. Foods like pork, macadamia nuts and cashews, eggs, and of course, avocado.  Not only is avocado a superfood, full of healthy fats, vital antioxidants, and micronutrients, but like coconut, many different...

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