The Top 4 Health Benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil

You’re standing in the grocery store staring at eight rows of shelves trying to decide which bottle of cooking oil to buy. You start to grab the usual suspect—extra virgin organic olive oil—but something compels you not to. You notice a bottle of macadamia nut oil.

We’re used to eating salted macadamia nuts, but the oil? As of now, it’s kind of unheard of (at least among sheltered cooking perspectives). But that’s about to change because of the colossal health benefits this oil has to offer. Yup, all the health benefits of eating macadamia nuts are passed down to its oil. No wonder they’re the top-ranked healthiest nut!

For starters, macadamia nut oil is great for skin and heart health, and is loaded with healthy fats. But how does it taste? Can you cook with it? Why choose it over olive oil? We collected all the answers to help convince you that macadamia nut oil should be in your kitchen too (and maybe bathroom cabinet as well).

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macadamia nut oil

Infamous Macadamia Nuts

They’re what I always got when someone I knew returned from Hawaii. Remember that brown box of chocolates with gold writing? Who knew those chocolate covered macadamia nuts were nearly a superfood, right? Lucky us!

Macadamia nuts originated in Australia but were transplanted to Hawaii in 1881 (thank you, William Purvis). It took a while to raise healthy enough trees to produce nuts, to commercially harvest a viable crop. But the commercial industry eventually took off in 1934. Nowadays, 90% of macadamia nuts come from Hawaii[*].

Nutritional Information

Macadamia nut oil is essentially just as healthy as whole nuts. Minus of course small amounts of the fiber and protein. But all the healthy fats are pretty much squeezed out in their oil. Here’s a snapshot of the calorie profile from one ounce (28 grams) of whole roasted mac nuts[*]:

Yes, they pack some calories but are totally worth it because they’re loaded with important vitamins and nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and manganese[*].  

Top 4 Health (And Beauty) Benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil

1. Improve Your Health

Nuts are high in healthy fats. And that’s what sets them apart from other foods. They’re made up of nearly 60% monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fats have been shown to have a number of health benefits, including[*]:

  • Improved weight loss. 

With high levels of protein and fiber, macadamia nuts keep you fuller for longer periods of time, reducing hunger cravings[*].

  • Reduced risk of heart disease.

Monounsaturated fats help to lower cholesterol and decrease triglycerides (fat in the blood) with its high content of oleic acid. This helps to essentially rebalance the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids[*].

  • Heightened insulin sensitivity.

A study conducted on 162 healthy men and women substituting a diet high in saturated fats for monounsaturated fats found people had improved insulin sensitivity without affecting insulin secretion levels[*].

  • Reduced risk of some cancers

Macadamia nuts possess both Vitamin E and tocotrienols antioxidants. According to research, these antioxidants can protect against cancer[*].

2. Improve the Appearance of Skin

I think we can all agree that having great skin as a side effect of eating healthy is a huge bonus. And eating macadamia nut oil does just that! In addition to having high levels of oleic acids, which help to prevent heart disease, macadamia nut oil is also high in palmitoleic acid, which can help hydrate drying skin[*]. And you thought macadamia nut oil was just for the kitchen. It’s a beauty queen at heart...With great skin and hair[*].

3. Supercharge Hair Growth and Shine

Macadamia nuts are rich palmitoleic acid, which is great for the skin but also great for the hair. Apply the oil directly on the hair and scalp to help with hair strength and shine while reducing dandruff. Research shows it can also help slow hair loss.[*]

4. Boost Flavor While Cooking

Last but not least, macadamia nut oil will make your taste buds happy. It has a rich, buttery taste that lends itself to marinades and dressings. Plus it has a smoke rate that’s double the temperature of olive oil’s (407 compared to 207 degrees F)[*]. That means it’s a great cooking oil and doesn’t burn as easily. This oil excels in grilling or sauteing scenarios.

Few, If Any Side Effects

  1. Constipation- Though constipation has been reported by few, it’s important to take note.
  2. Allergic Reaction- This one is self-explanatory.
  3. Weight Gain- While loaded with healthy fats, a caloric surplus invariably leads to weight gain.

Are You a Believer?

I hope this article comes to mind the next time you are staring at olive oil in the grocery store. It should help you grab a bottle of macadamia nut oil and move on. That’s because mac oil (like the nut) is nearly a superfood and easy to cook with. It’s loaded with healthy fatty acids to help with weight loss, heart health, and supercharge hair and skin vigor. There is also research to suggest it can reduce the risk of certain cancers and help with insulin sensitivity.

So why wouldn’t you try it? It’s got so many uses in and out of the kitchen, even if the kids don’t like the taste, your partner will love a back massage with this natural oil. You can’t go wrong with macadamia nut oil if you ask us.

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macadamia nut oil
macadamia nut oil
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