Jade Nelson

Jade Nelson

Hello my name is Jade and I live in Austin, Texas. I am living a Ketogenic lifestyle, I began my keto journey in November of 2015.

30 years ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and I have been on multiple medications over the years trying to find seizure control and simply be able to live with the least amount of side effects. In early 2015 we began making changes to my medications. Within weeks I began to lose weight to the point of being unhealthy and I was diagnosed with gastritis from all the medication. I pushed on but got worse as the months went on.

By November I wanted to give up and that was when my sister mentioned the Ketogenic Diet. I began researching and told my Neurologist about wanting to try the diet. He supported me and give me a bit of information to start. It took me months to figure out what worked best but today, over 10 months later I am seizure free and feel the healthiest I have been in my whole life.

I have read so many ketogenic/LCHF books since I began but my two favorites and the ones I recommend to anyone starting out on keto are Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cookbook by Maria Emmerich. I consider these books the foundation on building a Keto lifestyle.

This lifestyle has brought me joy in the kitchen and I cook all the time now. My favorite meal to cook is Cheeseburger Casserole from Ruled Me. The best thing about living keto for me is I have my life back. When you struggle with a diagnosis like Epilepsy you live worrying about what if I have another seizure.

When I look back on the beginning of this journey my greatest challenge was learning to cook and manage my meals. I believe having Epilepsy made it easier. I didn’t have to struggle with finding will power. I just knew that if I embraced this Ketogenic Lifestyle I could have a “normal” life.

The biggest tip I can give people is start slow. Cut out all bread products and remove sweets and put butter on everything and go buy Jimmy Moore’s book.

I am nearing my 1 year mark living Keto and when I pause and look back on my life and what it was a year ago I am blown away. The biggest thing is that Keto has allowed me to do the things I was doing before but better and with more confidence because I have less fear of having a seizure. My life is fuller without the fear of having a seizure and I can put my energy towards growing my massage practice and living a healthy active life.

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Jade Nelson

, Massage Therapist, LMT, and Fitness in Austin, Texas

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