Dropping an FBOMB with Love You Foods

Dropping an FBOMB with Love You Foods

"Great products, great company and great people!"

"A low-carbohydrate lifestyle has changed my life and your products are and important part of helping me lead a healthier life!"

"I ordered these FBOMBs after I heard Jimmy Moore's podcast a few months ago. Love that I can carry these with me for healthy fats while traveling or eating out. I add this to my coffee, soups and salads." 

"Now, I can drop an FBOMB at work and not get in trouble - I love these things!"

Love You Foods' customers love to drop an FBOMB.

Actually that's true and here's why: Love You Foods sells healthy fats & oils and low-carb snacks in portable packages, for people on the go. Under the fun (and conversation-starting) FBOMB brand name, customers like to drop them in their coffee, tea or other drinks. Or, on salads or vegetables... or just straight as a healthy high-fat snack.

Founders Kara and Ross Taylor have lived a low-carb/high-fat lifestyle for several years.

Most people have been "trained" that fat is bad; however, a HUGE and growing worldwide population understands that fat isn't the enemy... carbs are.

Whether they call themselves Paleo, LCHF (low-carb/high-fat) or ketogenic, more and more people are reading the mounting evidence that a diet based on healthy fats is good for endurance, energy, better blood sugar, weight loss and overall health. This is why many Love Your Foods customers are doctors, endurance athletes and gym owners - many of whom carry FBOMB products in their offices for their clients.

Ross and Kara started Love Your Foods because they found it difficult to find healthy fats when not cooking at home.

In a restaurant, it's usually easy to get good vegetables, salads and proteins (like meat or fish), but trying to find healthy fats can be a challenge. So, they started packing their own at home, bringing the obvious messy problems. Out of frustration with the lack of healthy fats in the market in formats other than big jars, they started the company and began packaging the best-quality healthy fats and oils available, in extra durable custom pouches.

Since launching last year, they have sold to private customers and resellers across the United States and as far away as Switzerland.

Love You Foods is a client of NACET/SBDC which has connected the company with mentors and advisors for guidance and they now have official U.S. trademarks on their FBOMB logo and on the motto, "Fat Is Smart Fuel!".

Right now, FBOMB products are sold through their website dropanfbomb.com and through some gyms and healthcare professionals. Much of their growth has been through the industry word of mouth and social media, as well as associations with the industry gurus such as Jimmy Moore and Drew Manning. Customers on Instagram post pictures with the hashtag #dropanfbomb. Love You Foods is nearing the release of some new products, and launching all of their products on Amazon. The company is also exploring retail sales, starting with some of our locally-owned sporting goods stores. And watch for this around in town: a Freightliner ambulance, which will be painted with FBOMB logos & colors and converted to a roving event support vehicle, appropriately named KETO 1. Watch for the KETO 1 license plate and say "Hi!"

Love Your Foods, created by Ross and Kara Taylor, is a Flagstaff-based business at the NA-CET incubator by beautiful Buffalo Park. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook at @fatissmartfuel. 

This article was originally published by Flagstaff Business News.

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