F This, F That!

F This, F That!

David Marinac of "Ditch the Box" Interviews Ross Taylor of Love You Foods

Ditch the Box Episode:  October 21, 2015

Episode Overview

FBomb. Yes you heard correctly. Our show today revolves around one, big, F word.... FAT! Joining us today on this episode of Ditch The Box is StandUpPouches.net client Ross Taylor, co-founder of FBomb. Ross is here to explain to all of our eager listeners why he feels consuming healthy fats is so important to our daily diet and to explain how he went about creating a business from this idea. Today we'll hear how he brought the idea of healthy fats packaged in portal, convenient, sturdy pouches to fruition. Tune-in and drop an FBomb with us!

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Featured Guest: Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor lives, with his partner and co-founder Kara Leonard, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Together, they started Love You Foods and developed the FBomb line of healthy fat-based single-serve food products. Initially driven by a personal need to get adequate healthy fats in their low-carb/high-fat diet, while away from home, Ross and Kara decided to take matters (and their fats) into their own hands. They developed a line of products based on the concept of high quality, low hype, and reasonable pricing - all in durable, portable pouches. Ross believes that you should have fun, enjoy life, and not fear being a bit recalcitrant. That's reflected in the FBomb name.

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