How To Drop an FBomb


How do you drop an FBomb?

If you’re an experienced fat eater, you already know these things.  But, if you’re new to the world of healthy fats, this brief “quick start” guide will assist you.

First, decide where and how you want to add more healthy fat to your diet.  Once you know the basics, you’ll discover just how easy it is to eat more fat!  And, you’ll be on your way to creating new ways which work especially well for you.

Let’s start with some of the most common techniques:

    • Add an FBomb packet of raw coconut oil, MCT oil, or our House Blend to a cup of coffee or hot tea.  Stir and enjoy!

    • Eat an FBomb Fuel packet of macadamia nut butter as a healthy high-fat snack, at work or at the gym or while out on the trail.

    • Pour a packet of FBomb 100% pure, raw macadamia nut oil over salad greens.

    • Mix a packet of FBomb MCT oil into any hot or cold beverage and enjoy the ready energy boost of this easily-metabolized fat.

    • Top your salad or vegetables with a packet of FBomb 100% extra virgin California blend olive oil or a buttery pack of raw, organic avocado oil.

Our products are currently split into two basic groups, the FBomb Oils and the FBomb Fuel.   Both product lines are protected in our 3-layer, custom-made and extra-durable pouches.  We designed in the rounded corners, for comfort in a pocket.   Despite being extremely durable, you’ll notice that our packets have easy-open tear notches on either side, just below the top. Unlike others, with sharp corners and hard-to-open serrated ends, our pouches let you decide exactly how you want to release the fatty goodness inside.  You can tear off just the corner or, if you’re feeling bold, you can tear off the entire top.

FBomb Oils are 1 ounce packets, containing the best quality oils available.  For each of our oil offerings, we conducted extensive research and testing.  We source from sustainable growers and it’s important that we feel good about their philosophy and “story.”  Where available, our products are organic.  All of them are pure, fresh, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and minimally processed.  With the exception of our MCT oil, which must undergo fractionation to distill and concentrate the good components, all of our oils are raw and natural.

FBomb Fuel packs contain 1.25 ounces of the best high-fat snack you can find.  They are made from dry-roasted macadamia nuts and, in the blend pack, raw coconut butter.  The dry roasting gives the macadamia nut butter a mild, clean flavor and ensures that there are no “crap” oils in the processing.  We will never use peanut, sunflower, rapeseed (“Canola”), or other unhealthy oils… we don’t eat those and we wouldn’t give them to you.

We grind our nut butters in-house, in a proprietary cool grind process, to produce a creamy base texture with the added bonus of a few small nut chunks to help enhance your nut experience!  Nobody else has nut butters like ours and we hope you love them as much as we do.

As a natural product, without additives, the FBomb Fuel pack contents will separate - just knead the packet to mix it up, before tearing off a corner and enjoying.  Whether you’re a packet squeezer or a bottom-up pouch roller (like Ross is), you’re in for a healthy high-fat treat wherever life takes you.

We encourage to read the product descriptions for more information and, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

With love,

Kara and Ross

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