'Round The World sample pack

Product Description

For those who want to try one pack of each variety, this is the all-in-one sampler for you.  And it also comes with a nice zipper-top quart-sized clear vinyl travel-friendly FBomb logo bag.

We get many people who order one of each 3-pack sampler, so they can try everything.  In response, we put together this 'Round The World sample kit for the same price as all 3 samplers... with a TSA-approved bag as a bonus!

This item includes the travel bag, 3 Fuel packs, and 6 Oils packs - 9 packs in all.

Curious about ingredients, macro breakdown, and nutrition info for each?  Please check out the individual product variety pages, where you'll find full descriptions and all the tasty info for each one (which is too much to list here).


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