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Our Mission

Love You Foods is dedicated to providing the best quality, healthy fats in a form that's easy to carry, use, and enjoy.

The FBomb Collection
We are real people, just like you, doing what we love by following our passion for practicing and promoting healthy lifestyles.

— Kara Taylor, Co-founder of Love You Foods

Meet Kara & Ross

Co-founders of Love You Foods

Welcome! We are Kara and Ross, co-founders of Love You Foods, and real people just like you. We live, work and play in Flagstaff – a beautiful, outdoorsy, small town in the high country of Northern Arizona, at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. Seeing elk or antelope on a daily basis is just part of life here. And, while we love world travel, being at home doesn’t suck. Not one bit.

We are Passionate About Helping People Be Healthy

Between us, we’ve got a wide range of background experiences – from commercial Alaskan fishing boats to law enforcement to finance and restaurant management, to renewable energy and ecology work in the Grand Canyon. And, you’ll have to guess which of us did what – it might surprise you! What ties all of that together, though, is a love of people and the world, both local and abroad, and a need to be healthy. That led us to learn about food, diet, and travel-friendly methods of living a low-carb/high-fat life. We want to share that.

About Love You Foods, LLC

Born out of personal need, Love You Foods is here to help you get the best quality, healthy fats in a form that is easy to carry, use, and enjoy.

We research, test, taste and source the best quality ingredients and put them into custom-made packages.

Ross and Kara - Founders of Love You Foods

The wealth of supporting research, as well as our own personal experiences, have led us to become strong believers in the low-carb/high-fat diet. While it can be relatively easy to find healthy proteins or vegetables, even while traveling, the same cannot be said for healthy fat options. This lack of healthy fat options in the market has driven us to create our own healthy fats product line under the FBomb brand.

Thanks to FBomb products, finding tasty and healthy fat options at home or on the go is no longer a challenge.

Whether you travel to the office or gym, or around the globe, you’ll find our packages are convenient and durable and easy to take with you. We don’t outsource our production and we’re not high tech, we’re about quality and health. If we sell it, it’s because we use it ourselves.

With FBomb products, in convenient packets, there are so many different ways to add healthy fats to your diet.

We’re giving you lots of tasty options for adding healthy, natural fat to your diet. Drop an FBomb anywhere!

  • Drop an FBomb Oil in your hot drinks like coffee or tea
  • Drop an FBomb Oil in your cold drinks or smoothies (low carb, of course!)
  • Add FBomb Toppers to your meats and vegetables
  • Use FBomb Dressings on your salads
  • Drop an FBomb Fuel anywhere, while being awesome at sports or life
"We want to change the world's health, one body at a time."

Help spread the word - fat is smart fuel!

We know that we are going against much of the food industry and government low-fat myths. We may take some flack for that. But, we're thick skinned and we plan to have some fun while being brave. We take your health seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously - hence, the fun FBomb name.

Thanks for checking us out. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We love feedback so let us know what you think about FBomb!

Sincerely and with love,

Ross and Kara

(Co-founders of Love You Foods, LLC)