Macadamia Nut Butters (10-count single-flavor boxes)
FBOMB Nut Butter Variety Pack (16-count)

Leanne Vogel is a keto enthusiast, keto nutrition educator, a keto chef and best-selling author. Here’s how she enjoys the nourishing and yummy fat of FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butters.

  • Tell us why FBOMBS are the perfect keto snack? They’re fat packets that fit in my pocket. If you’re like me, and on the go non-stop, sometimes I forget to pack food.
  • How do FBOMBS help fuel your day? On keto, for me, I don’t get that hungry feeling, but I start to feel flat. Like I need something for my brain, a boost of energy. FBOMBS are a packet of energy so I can go through my day and not worry about food.
  • So are healthy fats good for the brain? The brain can run on glucose or ketones. But the brain enjoys ketones more. Fat is so helpful — even for just general brain fog. Seriously, you have the FBOMB and within minutes you’ll notice a difference.
  • Where do you drop an FBOMB? Oh,I think the craziest place was when we were sailing in Great Sale Cay in the Bahamas. We were on a 29-hour sail and the wind was 40 knots and it was coming right off our beam. And the waves were crazy. I keep an FBOMB in my sailing vest. I dropped an FBOMB right there.
  • So are FBOMBS useful when you start out on keto? It’s really, really hard for beginners to know how much fat they need to be eating. You really need a lot of fat.. And the portioning of the FBOMBS,I enjoy. One is good, just perfect. So any of those tricks, especially when you’re first starting out, are great.
  • And how do you like to eat your FBOMB? I don’t mix mine up. I like the really salty bits at the bottom. I look forward to the end the most. The salt is there and it’s like a double dip feeling.And then it’s over but you want more.
  • And how do you like the taste? I like the regular macadamia. It’s got those little crunchy bits so you get that real food feeling. I really enjoy the texture of the little nut pieces.
  • So what’s your favorite flavor? Chocolate.Chocolate. Chocolate. I just care about the chocolate. What else is in there that makes it good, I couldn’t even tell you. Chocolate. Consistently, on point. I hide them from my husband.