Megan Nagy

What is your name and where do you live? 

Megan Nagy - Toronto, Canada

How would you describe your dietary lifestyle?

I follow a Targeted Ketogenic Diet; whereby I eat ketogenic for the majority of my day, but consume some carbohydrate right before and/or after my training. 

What got you involved in that lifestyle?

My college volleyball coach had our team follow a paleo diet. I have been reading, learning and tweaking my diet ever since. I am now part of the Team Canada professional Beach Volleyball team and hope to be in the Olympics.

What is your favorite book for info on that?

I started out with authors like Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution) and Mark Sisson via his blog Mark’s Daily Apple. I’ve been keeping in the loop by means of podcasts, mainly Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Adam Nally. I also listen to The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, as he’s had a wide variety of impressive guests in the realm of health and wellness. This Is where I was introduced to Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, of whose work I am a big fan. 

What is your go-to, or favorite meal?

I love to cook and create, so this is a tough question. My breakfast is the same most days: eggs, steamed kale, avocado, hot sauce. I’ve recently mastered the keto lasagna, which has been SO great seeing as low carb Italian is harder to come by than a lot of cuisines. 

What is the best thing about that lifestyle?

My sleep noticeably improved, which was huge because I am naturally a terrible sleeper. 

I am satiated for hours & don’t need to snack. 

And I’ve been able to chill out in terms of how I think about food! While it has truly been a lifestyle shift over the years and not just different “diets” - I am finally at a place where my relationship with food is a positive one. The simplicity of this lifestyle, and the whole food/ whole health vantage point, has been the best part for me. I love not having to measure my food, count calories, or use food tracker apps the way I used to.

What is the biggest challenge you have with eating this way?

Finally jumping from paleo to ketogenic was tough for the first week or so, with regards to my training. I struggled with fuelling myself properly, but once I adapted I felt great. Now I would say finding LCHF foods while on the road has been the biggest challenge.

What tip would you give others just starting out?

Eat real food. Shop the perimeter. Make it feel easy! Simple = sustainable… and education is everything. Take in as much information as you can.

Megan Nagy