Thomas DeLauer: Improve Your Endurance by Eating Fat

Thomas DeLauer enjoys a low-carb/high-fat diet to perform and feel his best. And one of his favorite sources of high quality fats is FBOMB nut butters, oils, and cheese crisps. Watch his video to learn more about how the ketogenic diet can improve your endurance and the role fat plays.

Try Thomas' favorite FBOMB flavors!

Favorite nut butter: Macadamia with Coconut

Favorite oil: Coconut Oil

Favorite Keto Krunch: Chili Lime




About Thomas DeLauer:


Thomas DeLauer is one of the world's leading experts on the ketogenic diet. With his videos reaching over 25 million people weekly, he has become one of the strongest voices in the keto community. His relatable 100lb transformation from an overweight executive to being on the covers of multiple fitness magazines has earned him personal credibility among both the scientific community as well as the general population.


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