Tim Bowers

What is your name and where do you live? 

Tim Bowers - Minnetonka Minnesota.

How would you describe your dietary lifestyle?

Low-Carb, Low-Carb/High-Fat, Ketogenic, Paleo, a mix of these, or something else entirely? Low-Carb/High-Fat.

What got you involved in that lifestyle?

Clearly our Low-Fat/High-Carb lifestyle in America is NOT working! I started to question, well, everything related to nutrition.

What is your favorite book for info on that?

KETO Clarity by Jimmy Moore, then The Art and Science of Low Carb, Steve Phinney and Jeff Volek, which is a much deeper dive for the athlete.

What is your go-to, or favorite meal?

Every day I start my day with an awesome High Fat Coffee (aka: Bulletproof Coffee)! 20oz fresh brewed coffee, (1) packet of FBomb MCT Oil, 3-4 Tbs Butter from grass fed cows, Stevia, Vanilla, & Cocoa Powder. Blend and enjoy!

What is the best thing about that lifestyle?

Steady Energy. Focus. Finally dropped excess fat!

What is the biggest challenge you have with eating this way?

Initially I struggled to find high-fat, low-carb options when out for dinner. Now I laugh at how easy it is!

What tip would you give others just starting out?

Search for fun High-Fat, Low-Carb options for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner. Listen to Jimmy Moore's: Livin' la Vida Low Carb podcast!!